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Workshop on Current Trends in Cryptology

In the modern world, the cryptography has spread widely beyond securing private correspondence, banking transactions, and state secrets. Machine readable passports and visas, personal data and patient confidentiality, state services provided in electronic form, electronic voting, and cloud computing — this is only a short list of modern spheres for application of cryptographic techniques.

Every country is interested in keeping cryptographic technology on an up-to-date level, and suitable harmonized solutions are of vital i mportance. A success is achievable only by joined efforts of actively working qualified experts together with the existing system for professional training in cryptography. To increase the proficiency level of cryptographers it is important to constantly inform them about new directions and recent advances in cryptography. It is also important to draw the attention of experts to current problems of design and analysis of cryptographic algorithms, and to express and exchange views and opinions on them. These are the very goals of our workshop.

Unlike other scientific forums on cryptography, we give special attention and allow for a plenty of time to recent research and development results of particular cryptographic solutions aimed to be standardized. In addition, the Program Committee has included presentations and discussions on new achievements in mathematical aspects of cryptography. It could be said that the talks to be given are a representative coverage of the Russian cryptographic science. Moreover, we would like to express a hope that the Symposium will become regular, and the topic range will be expanded, also through contributions made by foreign experts and researchers.

Opening address of the Vice-President of the Academy of Cryptography of the Russian Federation Vladimir Nikolaevich Sachkov (Mathematical Aspects of Cryptography, vol. 4, issue 2, pp. 45-46, 2013)