Технический комитет по стандартизации 
«Криптографическая защита информации» (TK 26)

Список докладов

Invited talks

1. Farid Ablayev, Marat Ablayev. On the concept of quantum hashing
2. Sergey Agievich, Anastasia Gorodilova, Nikolay Kolomeec, Svetla Nikova, Bart Preneel, Vincent Rijmen, George Shushuev, Natalia Tokareva, Valeriya Vitkup. Mathematical problems of the First international student's Olympiad in cryptography NSUCRYPTO
3. Yury Kharin. Parsimonious models of high-order Markov chains for evaluation of cryptographic generators
4. Markku-Yuhani Olavi Saarinen, Developments with CAESAR authenticated encryption competition

Preliminary list of accepted full papers

1. M. Kaplan. Quantum attacks against iterated block ciphers
2. I.V. Radchenko, K.S. Kravtsov, S.P. Kulik. Quantum random number generator
3. A. Vasiliev, M. Ziatdinov. Minimizing collisions for quantum hashing
4. S. Grebnev. Optimizing memory cost of multi-scalar multiplication
5. D. Fomin. A timing attack on CUDA implementations of an AES-type block cipher
6. R. AlTawy, O. Duman, A.M. Youssef. Fault Analysis of Kuznyechik
7. D.A. Burov, B.A. Pogorelov. Attack on 6 rounds of KHAZAD
8. S.N. Zaitsev. Reconstruction of a skew non-reducible MP LRS over Galois ring of characteristic 2d by a highest digit
9. N.A. Kolomeec. On a graph of minimal distances of bent functions
10. M.A. Goltvanitsa. The first digit sequence of a skew linear recurrence of a maximal period over Galois ring
11. A.Yu. Nesterenko. Some remarks on elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem
12. V.N. Tsypyshev. Second coordinate sequence of the MP-LRS over non-trivial Galois ring of odd characteristic
13.   V.G. Mihailov, A.V. Volgin. Solutions set stability of pseudo-Boolean equations system in a case of their random distortions
14. K. Zhukov. Approximate common divisor problem and continued fractions
15. S. Kuzmin. On binary digit-position sequences of MP LRS over Galois rings, admitting twofold reduction of a period
16. S.V. Polikarpov, K.E. Rumyantsev, A.A. Kozhevnikov. On differential properties of a symmetric crypto algorithm based on pseudo-dynamic substitutions

Preliminary list of short messages

1. M. Ziatdinov. Quantum hashing based on symmetric groups
2. N. P. Borisenko, V. L. Nguyen. On an implementation method of a large size linear transformation
3. P.A. Lebedev. Unifying development and implementation of secure network protocols in C++
4. A.V. Trepacheva. Known plaintext attack on a fully homomorphic cryptosystem based on factorization
5. G. Sekar. Side channel cryptanalysis of Streebog
6. E.K. Alekseev, V.D. Nikolaev, I.B. Oshkin, V.O. Popov, A.S. Prokhorov, S.V. Smyshlyaev, L.A. Soninа. On a secure connection establishment protocol for a functional key carrier
7. S.N.Tronin, K.A.Petukhova. RSA-like cryptosystem using Dedekind rings
8. A.R. Gaynullina, S.N.Tronin. On Operad-based Cryptography
9. Ph. B. Burtyka. Additively homomorphic encryption using matrix polynomials with approximate perfect security