Технический комитет по стандартизации 
«Криптографическая защита информации» (TK 26)

CTCrypt 2012 Program

July 1, Sunday

06-45 – 10-40Transfer from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod (the «Sapsan» train)
11-00 – 11-30Transfer from the railway station to the «OKA» hotel (bus)
11-45 – 13-00Accommodation in the «OKA» hotel
13-00 – 14-00Lunch at the «OKA» restaurant
15-00 – 17-00Tour to the Novgorod Kremlin (bus + walking tour through the territory of the Kremlin)
18-00 – 20-00Fresh-air welcome party

July 2, Monday

From 8-30Registration
9-00 – 9-05Opening remarks
9-05 – 9-30Mikhail Glukhov. Analysis of a Certain Signature Scheme. (Invited paper)
9-30 – 10-00Sergey Grebnev, Andrey Dmukh, Denis Dygin, Dmitry Matyukhin, Vladimir Rudskoy and Vasily Shishkin. Asymmetric Reply to SHA- 3: Russian Hash Function Draft Standard
10-00 – 10-30Grigory Marshalko, Alexey Pokrovskiy. Further Results on the Security of MQ_DRBG
10-30 – 11-00Alexey Nesterenko. Key Transport Protocol Based on Hybrid Encryption Scheme
11-00 – 11-30Coffee-break
11-30 – 12-00Marina Pudovkina, Georgy Khoruzhenko. On Classes of Weak Keys of the Generalized PRINT Cipher
12-00 – 12-30Marina Pudovkina, Georgy Khoruzhenko. Related-key Attacks on the Full GOST Block Cipher with 12 Related Keys
12-30 – 13-00Vladimir Rudskoy, Andrey Dmukh. Algebraic and Differential Cryptanalysis of GOST: Fact or Fiction
13-00 – 13-30Andrew Zubkov, Alexander Serov. Testing Properties of Boolean Mappings
13-30 – 15-30Lunch
15-30 – 15-50Alexandr Nechaev, Alexandr Abornev. Nonliear Permutations of a Space Over a Finite Field Induced by Linear Transformations of a Module Over a Galois Ring (Invited paper)
15-50 – 16-10Mikhail Goltvanitca, Alexandr Nechaev and Sergey Zaitcev. Skew LRS of Maximal Period Over Galois Rings
16-10 – 16-30Vladimir Anashin, Tatiana Lipina. P-adic Methods in Automata Theory
16-30 – 16-50Andrey Dmukh, Grigory Marshalko. Understanding Collision Search
16-50 – 17-20Coffee-break
17-20 – 17-40Sergey Grebnev and Denis Dygin. Efficient Implementation of the GOST R 34.10 Digital Signature Scheme Using Modern Approaches to Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication
17-40 – 18-00Denis Kryskov. Lim-Lee Precomputed Exponentiation Fixed and Optimized
18-00 – 18-20Pavel Lebedev. Implementation of Streebog Cryptographic Hash Function Family on NVIDIA CUDA Platform (Presented by Alexey Nesterenko)
18-20 – 18-40Andrew Zubkov, Vasily Kruglov. On the Distribution of Weight Spectra of Random Linear Binary Codes
19-00 – 21-30Official Dinner